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DS Performance aims to develop and educate athletes to the peak of their competitive performance by embedding elite performance practices. This is achieved by building your performance together through one of our long-term Rugby development programmes. Our Rugby strategies are designed to give you the key physical attributes you need to succeed at a competitive level. 

  • All Rugby programmes provide 12 weeks of elite training methods 

  • Progressive Strength & Conditioning training intensities 

  • Long term, easy to follow performance structures

Select one of our specialist programmes to start your performance journey today!


“As a former Great British athlete looking to get back to a descent level again I seeked Dave's advice. I have a ruptured ACL, torn meniscus and the start of arthritis in my knee and couldn't run or train pain free. Dave gave me a programme of correctional exercises, a strength programme and also looked at my sprint mechanics. Due to the changes made I am now running pain free for the first time in a year and now looking to get back competing in the 400 meters. I never thought this would be possible so thank you Dave!”

Sam Worrall – Junior GB Decathlete

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