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woman taking weight off from a barbell


Professionally designed training programmes for all sports players, performers and participants, enabling you to make that next big jump up in performance.

Catherine Houghton – Olympic Weightlifting

“I have known Dave for a number of years now and he was my coach for 5 years.

I began working with Dave in the first instance in order to provide some variation to my training, which at the time was a more traditional weights style programme. I then became interested in Olympic Lifting, which I found both challenging and rewarding, and Dave was key to my success in this journey. This is partly attributable to his own success in this field, together with the discipline of competing at a professional level in variety of sporting events himself.

By providing me with structured training plans, Dave assisted me with achieving my goals. Each plan was tailored to a specific phase of my training, and always involved mobility and accessory work, together with short periods of de-load – important things which appear to be missing from other coaches that I have worked with. Each training plan was tailored to a specific number of weeks with variations in reps and sets, in order to avoid any adaptations and to help keep things fresh.

For me, Dave’s knowledge and expertise stands over and above equivalents in his field, and a key success factor for Dave is that he has the ability to transfer this knowledge to his clients in order to improve their own skills, knowledge and performance.”

Professional Cyclist riding his bike
Barny Swinnerton –
Sprint Track Cycling

“Dave has such great depth of knowledge and versatility with training athletes with specific demands whether it is specialist sports or injury rehabilitation nothing feels outside of his abilities.


The nicest thing is that he makes you feel comfortable and unintimidated from lack of understanding which for me has always been important in a coach and athlete relationship to get the best results.”

Anas Perveen –
National Boxing Champion

“My son has been training with Dave for 5 years now. Dave has been a great coach and has been helping with his strength and conditioning.  Attending these sessions have helped my son reach his goals - one of which was the boxing national championship. We are so grateful for everything he has done. My son has gained so much strength and confidence by attending sessions.”

Shane Nicholson –

“Being a former professional sportsman for many years and having many different injuries through my career, naturally I have seen many different physio’s and sports masseurs professionals. I can confidently say, I have no problem referring Dave to any of my friends, family and clients and have always done so in all the time I’ve used Dave for my own treatments. I’ve found Dave to be very thorough and informative with any injuries and related problems I’ve occurred over the years.”

Jordan Wildrianne – Running

“I’ve known Dave for 16 years, having first met whilst competing for Derby together in the British Athletics League. As a younger athlete, I was always impressed and intrigued with his attention to detail, always ensuring he did everything possible to get the best performance.

A few years later I decided that I needed to increase my training with key focus on improving strength and range of movement, there was never any question of who I was going to work with and it was a great decision. Dave worked closely on identifying all key elements that I needed to focus on not only to improve my future performance, but also to ensure my movement pattern was optimised on a daily basis. Having a structured programme that was easy to follow and continued support from Dave saw me improve performances significantly over a 12-18 month period.

I’d recommend Dave to anyone looking to improve sporting performance at any level, he’s a fantastic coach and a great person.”

James Ward –

“I was in a car crash in 2016 which left me wheelchair-bound, with multiple broken bones and potentially life-changing injuries. I used D S Performance programmes as part of my rehabilitation. After 18 months I regained full physical function and was able to compete in powerlifting competitions.

The knowledge that Dave Smith has is second to none. His programmes are the perfect combination of strength and mobility work, allowing my body time to recover and adjust to the increase in weight and frequency as prescribed by the programmes.”

Man performing a heavy deadlift
Neil Hawksworth – Field Hockey

“I’d been struggling post-surgery with rehab for over 18 month before I met Dave and asked him to help me. After our initial assessment he developed an individualised strength plan explaining what was required for me to get better and actually improve my health and fitness, working towards my goals of playing sport again. He guided me through several strength sessions explaining what to do and why.


The strength programme was methodical and very effective and easy to manage. His coaching was relaxed but concise and easy to follow, I started to see improvements almost immediately and it has made me more injury resilient and stronger in general. Dave’s strength plan got me back playing sport when all other forms of rehab tried had failed. Dave’s level of knowledge is second to none and I would always use his expertise for all my strength programming and injury rehab.”

Amanda Letts – Jiu Jitsu

“After decades of training in the gym, sometimes with the guidance of PT’s, I had physical restrictions due to injuries and poor training patterns.  I asked Dave at DS Performance to help.


I decided to work with DS because I knew the training was scientific, evidence-based and that they had worked with athletes of different age groups with success. I wasn’t disappointed, DS provided me with support via 1:1 coaching both face to face and virtually, and after a thorough biomechanical assessment and a tailored program and practice I was able to return to moving in a way I hadn’t done in years. The programs from DS might be tough at times but they work!

Thank you, DS Performance.”

Lee Finnesey – Running

“I first contacted Dave as a result of talking to a very highly respected member of the local running community and supplier of running equipment to amateur and professional runners in the Midlands. Specifically, his advice was that “Dave is the most knowledgeable sports injury specialist he has met”, adding that Dave is the first person he contacts for help dealing with any injuries he has.

My first visit to Dave was a screening session to establish imbalances, strengths, weaknesses etc. From this, Dave put together a training programme that combined supervised sessions in the gym with a training plan away from the gym. The gym sessions with Dave were challenging, but the results were worth it. Not only was I slowly resolving those imbalances and weaknesses, Dave also taught me the necessary post-training tools – self-massage, foam rolling, stretching etc – to ensure the benefits of the training were maximised.

Dave is very engaging company and the sessions were always enjoyable. With his experience of competing at international level, he was able to personally relate to just about every injury and training issue you’re likely to encounter. He also has some entertaining stories from the sporting world to help make the tough sessions more bearable. What also became very obvious is the high regard in which is he held by his peers in the very competitive sports rehabilitation and physical training community. At every gym and during rest breaks in many of my sessions, other physical trainers would openly ask Dave for advice on their own training and putting together training programmes for clients. This is because Dave, in addition to the competitive level experience, is academically more qualified than the vast majority of his peers, having gained a masters degree in sports science – strength and conditioning. 

I trained with Dave for a couple of years and was able to return to running during this time as a result of that training. I haven’t visited Dave for a year or so due to family commitments and injuries he wasn’t able to help resolve – knee surgeries – but I’m still in touch with him, contact him first for injury and training advice, and would also now consider Dave a good friend.

If you’re after training, training technique, sports injury or rehabilitation advice and are located in or near the East Midlands, it would, in my opinion, be an opportunity missed not to contact Dave Smith first .”

Ed Chrayah –

“Since working with DS performance not only has my conditioning for badminton gone up, but my skill level. The knowledge he provides is the best I have worked with as he has sport specific knowledge to be able to adapt my S&C training to fit. For such a high skill level sport this was key for my improvements and that I had someone understand not only the different shots involved, but how to play them effectively. 


Not only that, after suffering a shoulder injury he has helped with my rehab to get me back playing to high County level which I wouldn’t have been able to without his expertise.”

Liz Parslow –

“I initially met Dave through a mutual friend who he was already treating for a cycling injury. I had a movement assessment with Dave and from that he wrote me a corrective plan to work on my imbalances. I was also suffering with elbow and wrist issues from all the climbing I do, he gave me a strength programme to help reduce these issues. The programme included activation work before I climbed and strengthening exercises to do as well. This combination of work increased my strength and reduced the pain I saw suffering with. His training methods and knowledge on the body was key to unlocking the root cause of my issues. I continue to do the work he gave me and I continue to climb pain free.”

Holding Golf Clubs
Shaun Doyle –

“Post rotator cuff surgery I was in need of some rehab, Dave was recommended to me from a friend who he had helped with a shoulder injury in the past. After the initial assessment Dave wrote me a well-structured, easy to follow rehab plan. Over the time I worked with Dave the plan developed and changed to increase my movement and strength, taking me back to my previous self before injury. 

I’m a very keen golfer and now I’m back playing Dave has also helped me with a number of physical aspects of the game to improve my swing. He has developed my rotation and stability, which has given me a more consistent ball strike. 

Dave also helped me by strong sports massages to relax some of the tight muscles that cause discomfort to give me a better feeling of “wellness.

I would highly recommended Dave’s services to anyone who is suffering with injury, or wanting to improve their sporting performance.”

Phil Watkins – Powerlifting

“I have known Dave for many years and in many circumstances. Initially as his lecturer in sport science, I’ve worked with him in strength and conditioning consultancy and education environments in addition to his
own physical preparation for athletics, bobsleigh, powerlifting and track cycling.


It is this combination that makes him so valuable to the industry. In addition, he has excellent subject knowledge, but
essentially, is able to combine this with experience gained from competing at international level and can bring practical application to the discipline, which brings huge credibility.”

Sean Mayer –
Sprint Track Cycling

“David does a great job in delivering tailored programmes, he makes it simple to understand and educates when required. He has given me a greater understanding on how to periodise my training, therefore resulting in sustainable strength gains.


Additionally, he provides honest feedback on where and how to improve. It is also helpful that he has a practical understanding from experiencing training and competing himself, this is balanced with his advanced knowledge in the strength and conditioning discipline.”

Shelley (mum) Poppy –
Netball and Tennis

“Dave began working with my teenage daughter when she was trying to balance training between county tennis and franchise academy netball. His expertise and experience were invaluable to her development as an athlete not only for strength and conditioning, but also in injury rehabilitation and prevention.

Sessions are individually tailored to her specific situation and ability. She thoroughly enjoys her time with Dave and he knows how to get the best from her in order to maximise her training, keeping the sessions both fun and challenging.

As a parent, it is reassuring to know that Dave is extremely knowledgeable and I trust his opinion and advice. He is always on hand to help as and when specific issues arise between sessions.”

Nick Daniels – Amateur Golf

“Dave helped me correct my physical issues that were hindering my swing development. Off the back of surgery on my leg and poor rehab, Dave assessed my movement patterns and designed a plan to correct my issues.


My physical development has transferred to my swing and because of it I’m hitting a better ball now – I would recommend Dave’s services to all golfers out there. 

Simon Moore (father) –

“Dave quickly analysed Harry’s weaknesses and put together a comprehensive programme to improve his strength & conditioning. Dave delivered the sessions with a balanced approach a likeable character with a great understanding of young athletes, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.”

Cricket player with bat and wickets in a ground
Sam Worrall – Junior GB Decathlete

‘As a former Great British athlete looking to get back to a descent level again I seeked Dave's advice. I have a ruptured ACL, torn meniscus and the start of arthritis in my knee and couldn't run or train pain free. Dave gave me a programme of correctional exercises, a strength programme and also looked at my sprint mechanics.


Due to the changes made I am now running pain free for the first time in a year and now looking to get back competing in the 400 meters. I never thought this would be possible so thank you Dave!’

James Cooke –
Novice Olympic Weightlifting

'Dave is an excellent coach. My Olympic lifting and general strength has improved significantly since starting my training sessions with him. His advice, encouragement and constant professionalism sets him high above any other person I have trained with.'

Jamie Franklin –
Regional Field Hockey

‘Dave Smith was highly recommended to us by semi-professional distance runners in Derbyshire, as a strength and conditioning coach, able to work with a broad range of athletes competing in different sports.  My son Jamie, a 15 year old aspiring field hockey player, has worked with Dave for five months specifically to improve his sprint speed to equip him to compete at an elite level in his chosen sport.  We have seen the improvement already. Dave has in fact provided so much more. As a GB athlete Dave has been able to mentor Jamie through difficult choices that confront an athlete as they look to compete at the highest level providing him with the benefit of his experience competing at the top end of the sport. He is adaptable, honest and approachable. He left us in no doubt what we needed to do to achieve; he has been prepared to get inside and understand field hockey; and at the same time that he has had the flexibility to help Jamie to work to his goals within the time Jamie has.  As a parent I would highly recommend Dave as strength and conditioning coach. My son would say that Dave is so much more than an S&C coach.’

Matt Stanley – County Golf

‘I first met David Smith when recommend during my golf career. Since working with him during late 2012 I have learnt so much more about what is required to become a greater athlete. Even through the unusual struggles and development his support has kept me close to what I set out to achieve.


Best of all the feedback is incredible and contact with his development is unrecognisably the best i have ever experienced. His work is a pleasure to learn and apply during any performance level of sport.’

Lisa Stanley (mum)

‘After being recommended, Dave Smith has been an inspiration to both me and my son.


He has been a great mentor and is always available via any form of contact. Dave has spent so much time with feedback to both myself and matt, that it’s been a pleasure to have worked with him.’

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