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Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Which level of programme should I go for first?

A: We suggest that you start with the amateur/beginners level of programme, this will allow you to develop good lifting technique and skills, as well as condition you for further training.


Q: I haven’t weight trained in a gym for some time, should this be a problem?

A: No, we all have to start somewhere building our strength back up. Just make sure you focus on your lifting technique to begin with, the weight will take care of itself over time.


Q: I’m coming back from injury and I’m concerned about training at a high intensity, how can I overcome this issue?

A: Our programme prescriptions are designed to start you off at a low intensity and training percentage, this will develop you over time and progress you on to high intensity training once you are ready for it.


Q: Do I have to complete all of the programme straight away?

A1: In an ideal world, but we are not all full time athletes and time restrictions can apply to us all. Work down the exercises in the order they are given to maximise performance development.

A2: If you are feeling fatigued you can reduce the number of training weeks you do and implement a de-loading week earlier to aid recovery.

A3: You can start off by reducing the volume that is prescribed, i.e. lowering the number of sets until you feel comfortable to increase them.


Q: It says in the programme to de-load between training cycles, what does this mean?

A: A de-load week can be known as an active recovery week, or a week off where you reduce the training loads and volumes to maximise recovery, make sure you continue with your mobility work as well during this week.


Q: I have many competitions coming up all in a row and I don’t want to stop my strength training, what would you suggest I do?

A: The speed programmes are perfect for this situation, it allows you to continue with your lifting at a lower load, but the intensity remains high because of the speed element.


Q: There is a mobility plan with my training programme, should I do doing all of it every session?

A: The plan is there to increase mobility and range of movement, which prepares you to train. If you don’t have time to do it all, break it down into sections and do a different section each day.


Q: How do I work out my lifting percentages and keep a record of them?

A: Each eBook/programme comes with lifting tables in them, this makes it easier to work out your percentages as you can just follow the tables provided.

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