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DS Performance aims to develop and educate athletes to the peak of their competitive performance by embedding elite performance practices. This is achieved by building your performance together through one of our long-term Field Hockey development programmes. Our Field Hockey strategies are designed to give you the key physical attributes you need to succeed at a competitive level. 

  • All Field Hockey programmes provide 12 weeks of elite training methods 

  • Progressive Strength & Conditioning training intensities 

  • Long term, easy to follow performance structures

Select one of our specialist programmes to start your performance journey today!


“I’d been struggling post-surgery with rehab for over 18 month before I met Dave and asked him to help me. After our initial assessment he developed an individualised strength plan explaining what was required for me to get better and actually improve my health and fitness, working towards my goals of playing sport again. He guided me through several strength sessions explaining what to do and why. The strength programme was methodical and very effective and easy to manage. His coaching was relaxed but concise and easy to follow, I started to see improvements almost immediately and it has made me more injury resilient and stronger in general. Dave’s strength plan got me back playing sport when all other forms of rehab tried had failed. Dave’s level of knowledge is second to none and I would always use his expertise for all my strength programming and injury rehab.”

Neil Hawksworth

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