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DS Performance aims to develop and educate athletes to the peak of their competitive performance by embedding elite performance practices. This is achieved by building your performance together through one of our long-term Swimming development programmes. Our Swimming strategies are designed to give you the key physical attributes you need to succeed at a competitive level. 

  • All Swimming programmes provide 12 weeks of elite training methods 

  • Progressive Strength & Conditioning training intensities 

  • Long term, easy to follow performance structures

Select one of our specialist programmes to start your performance journey today!


“My son Jamie, a 15 year old aspiring field hockey player, has worked with Dave for five months specifically to improve his sprint speed to equip him to compete at an elite level in his chosen sport.  We have seen the improvement already. Dave has in fact provided so much more. As a GB athlete Dave has been able to mentor Jamie through difficult choices that confront an athlete as they look to compete at the highest level providing him with the benefit of his experience competing at the top end of the sport. He is adaptable, honest and approachable. He left us in no doubt what we needed to do to achieve; he has been prepared to get inside and understand field hockey; and at the same time that he has had the flexibility to help Jamie to work to his goals within the time Jamie has.”

Jamie Franklin

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